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Basic properties of O type sealing ring
Oct 23, 2018
The O-ring is a kind of synthetic rubber by the copolymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile and preparation of sealing ring. Is oil resistant (especially nitrile rubber alkane oil) and aging resistant synthetic rubber with good performance. The content of acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (%) in 42 ~ 46, 36 ~ 41, 31 ~ 35, 25 ~ 30, 18 ~ 24 five. The more the content of acrylonitrile, the better the oil resistance, but the cold resistance decreased accordingly. It can be used in the air at 120 degrees Celsius or in the oil for a long time at 150. In addition, it also has good water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding performance.
The hardness of silicone O type sealing ring is mainly related to the added amount of filler and the crosslinking density of the rubber compound. If only using the silica reinforced it, in the same conditions, the relationship between hardness and lifetime is increased after the first drop, a parabola. The best use of silicone rubber hardness of 40-60 degrees, the lower the hardness, the reinforcement is not completely integrated, poor performance, the higher the hardness of white carbon black, adding a large amount of damage of silicon rubber structure itself, the comprehensive performance is poor. Cross link density in general to the hardness of smaller, the general use of silicone rubber is vulcanized, and completely vulcanized silicone rubber is certainly smaller than the hardness, while life is much smaller than the total curing. The wear resistance of silicone rubber products, the general performance on the surface of silica gel products are vulnerable to the loss of the good general surface of silicone products rarely due to external factors rub off the surface of the product, does not affect the performance of the appearance, color, text.
Qualified silicone nipple must be non-toxic color transparent, with 100% food grade silicone materials (imported); very soft and very elastic, the nipple can be extended to 5mm long, so that the baby's tongue can be as breastfeeding as free; o sealing ring mouth with ultra soft silicone, the thickness is two times of ordinary pacifiers, so the baby can't suck in the process of breakage, and resistant to long-term bite not damaged; general qualified you are using the silica gel automatic machinery production, the production process without manual intervention to automatic production, ensure the design and feel of most safety and environmental protection as the real breast like, let the baby in the sucking process as it is in the same feeling when breastfeeding.
Silica gel products have the production of molds, why do we have to open the sample mold it? First, when the size and structure of silicone products to customers sometimes is not very accurate or completely determined, we are usually used to sample mold development, silicone products the size and structure of this will be very convenient for the modification of the. But sometimes, when the request of client mode but not drawing, so we can only sample (sample mold), used to sample the product dimension measurement data, the sample data measured by the data re mapping, and then opening, but data obtained by measurement data usually errors may occur, only with the sample mold can guarantee lower production mold modification times.
Silicone O-ring has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, ageing resistance performance, has good insulation properties, but the tensile strength is generally poor and not with oil resistant rubber. Suitable for household appliances such as electric water heater, electric iron, microwave oven, etc.. It also applies to all kinds of products which have contact with the human body, such as water bottles, drinking fountains, etc.. Is not recommended for use in most concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids and sodium hydroxide. General temperature range is -55~250. The biggest feature is the oil resistance, heat resistance.