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Compatibility of raw material and hydraulic oil (liquid) of O type sealing ring
Oct 23, 2018
O type sealing ring is suitable for hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, two ester series lubricating oil, gasoline, water, silicone grease, silicone oil and other media. Nitrile rubber is currently the most widelyuse, the lowest cost of rubber seals. Not applicable to polar solvents, such as ketones, nitro hydrocarbons, ozone, MEK and chloroform. Usually the temperature scale is -40~120. Because of the data, the static pressure is less than 20Mpa. Sometimes used for dynamic, dynamic use of pressure less than 5Mpa, and the semiconductor vacuum seal. The choice of scale standard has: the cross section diameter of about 0.35~12mm diameter can reach 1000mm and above.
The compatibility of the sealing material with the hydraulic oil (liquid): one of the sources of the hydraulic oil pollution is the "debris" or "debris" which is not compatible with the hydraulic oil ". The seal is damaged because of "swelling" the "debris" or "extraction" have not been linked to inorganic filler and out of the data, so that the seal is damaged and the failure of oil pollution, together constitute the formation of the hydraulic oil change resulting in failure.