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Durable Rubber
Oct 18, 2018

Strong durable rubber products are a big help for customers needing assistance with their heavy-duty applications. The overall resilience of rubber aids in preventing any mishaps that could take place rather than using another product with no ability to withstand wear. The quality that a high durometer rubber holds can also assist in functions where dynamic situations are constant and unavoidable. When it comes to this kind of rubber, hardness is a key factor. The higher the durometer of the sheet rubber, the denser the rubber sheet, this makes for a more resilient rubber sheet and roll.

Heavy-duty durable rubber products are needed for many applications. Here is a “Top 10” list of places where we think resilient and durable rubber should be used

  1. Snowplows/Street Sweepers: Durable rubber products are mandatory for successful snowplowing and street sweeping. Imagine if the rubber on your snowplow kept breaking. It would act as a frustrating hindrance and time-consuming problem when you are trying to clear snow off of the driveway! By using durable rubber products that can withstand continuous dynamic uses you will be saving yourself time, money, and frustration.

  2. Conveyer Belts: High tensile strength is needed for this application. A conveyer belt is in continuous rotation and should be able to resist most impact or abrasion that could occur to it. Getting a strong high durometer rubber that can perform this function is useful and beneficial.

  3. Cushioning/Protective Pads: When durable rubber products are inserted between two objects or surfaces, the specific rubber hardness level helps to prevent scraping or scratching. This can be as small as an appliance in a house or as large as machinery in industrial factories. In either case rubber sheets are cut into either small feet or large pads to protect the machines and the surfaces that host them!

  4. Rubber Mats: Durable rubber products are often used in gyms or doorways in the form of mats. It can be the mat under your treadmill, preventing the treadmill from rubbing against the floor; or it can be the mat underneath your door, preventing the door from scratching the brick or cement walkway. This is an application where the resilience of rubber really comes in handy.

  5. Squeegees: With the same concept as a window squeegee or that famous Zamboni that scrapes the ice during hockey games! Squeegees are meant to withstand damage from habitual uses in order to work efficiently. They scrape without leaving too many marks on the surfaces they wipe. Imagine if rubber sheets were not used on windows or ice rinks and harder materials were!

  6. Construction Sites: Products such as neoprene can be used in construction. Durable rubber products are necessary in construction zones since there are continuous abrasive and rough conditions present on a daily basis. Their overall levels of rubber hardness makes them great for handling physical abrasions in these construction settings. High durometer rubber can be seen using newly constructed floors or as weather seals in windows and doors!

  7. Automotive Applications: Bumpers, tires,and brake systems utilize rubber. Bumpers act as pads for the car so what better product to use than rubber? Durable rubber products can provide a buffer for the car and another object and decrease potential damage to the vehicle and harm to the driver. Generally, 15% of the weight of a car is made up of rubber; this clearly shows why the American rubber industry has been driven by the automotive industry’s thirst for it!

  8. Seals: For industrial purposes, heavy-duty durable rubber products can be used to ensure good quality sealing and gasketing. This is the ubiquitous use of rubber sheets and rolls. The resilience of rubber is a very important factor for these industrial applications.

  9. Drum Pads: To get the beat right, you’ll need strong and elastic rubber to last through all the pounding. For this application, pure gum is often applied because of its elasticity and very high tensile strength. This use of durable rubber products also allows Mom and Dad (living with the next Keith Moon, or am I just showing my age with this reference?) to have some peace in their lives!

  1. Sound Studios: Rubber can be put on walls to create a noise-contained environment—perfect for sound studios or rooms needing sound dampening. I suppose a sound studio needs one large drum pad wrapped around it made from rubber!

Our “Top 10” list is only the tip of the iceberg of what resilient rubber rolls and sheets can do. It is the resilience of rubber that makes them so widely used today. Heavy-duty durable rubber products are needed for many applications and emphasize the importance of durability and abrasion resistance.