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EPDM Gasket Properties
Oct 18, 2018

While Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or more commonly known as EPDM, gasket properties stem from its synthetic and inorganic composition, these industrial rubber gaskets are created for nature! EPDM rubber and gasketproducts are designed to withstand the great outdoors! Whether to help homes weather out storms or to protect equipment from harsh weather, EPDM gaskets are durable and reliable products designed to thrive where many gaskets deteriorate – outdoors. These industrial rubber gaskets can also be made with impact resistant so they can withstand abrasive environments. Used in hundreds of applications, EPDM is one of the most popular gasket materials for anything from automotive industries to refrigeration or electoral insulation markets.

Developed in the 1950’s, EPDM was designed specifically for the Middle East because of the large range of temperature fluctuations that occur in the desert. Not only did EPDM have to resist permanent deterioration, but it also had to remain flexible and durable regardless of the temperature. Able to withstand such harsh conditions, EPDM has definitely proved itself as the material to beat for any outdoor applications. While this rubber material is chemically designed to be well-adjusted to outdoor settings, it does not give up any of the beneficial properties of natural rubber. EPDM remains flexible with good tensile strength. Here are the most important reasons for buying EPDM rubber and gasket products:

  1. Engineering asked for it. Enough said!

  2. Great weather resistant qualities

  3. Affordable price point

  4. Stocked in a wide variety of gauges

  5. Can be produced in an assortment of durometers.

  6. Can be die-cut, waterjet or hand-cut based on tolerance concerns and budget.

  7. Sold in blended (less expensive) or 100% EPDM versions

Not only do these products retain helpful and useful properties of natural rubber, these man-made elastomers actually improve upon natural rubber material. This synthetic rubber is actually able to retain high elasticity and flexibility despite cold temperatures. Oftentimes other rubbers will become brittle and crack in colder temperatures. EPDM rubber remains effective in a temperature range of -54 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius. Of course the latter is contingent on the actual EPDM rubber and gasket product EPDM is available in a variety of blends, durometers, and tensile strengths. In other words one EPDM part may not be anything like another just because they both have EPDM content. For example it is used an industrial rubber and gasket seal where steam is present, which is generally outdoor. Regardless of the damaging effects of steam, EPDM gaskets will not deform permanently and will remain in place to hold a vacuum seal. As mentioned before, this is one of the few rubbers that can remain outside because most rubbers are attacked by UV or ozone molecules and become damaged. EPDM gasket material is one of the few rubbers that can repel ambient heat and ozone rays effectively. Rain or sunshine, these seals will continue to work because, on top of being heat resistant, they are also waterproof. This makes them ideal for electrical applications as well because they insulate the electrical currents from water to avoid any dangerous situations.

Unfortunately EPDM gaskets can’t have it all; they are vulnerable to most oils and concentrated acids. Luckily this can be somewhat remedied by applying a specialty coat to increase the chemical resistance of EPDM. These are not, however, ideal for applications involving oil even after coating the material. It is better to keep EPDM gasket material where it belongs – outside.

Whether for electrical, waterproof, or extreme temperature situations, EPDM rubber and gasket products are the top product for thousands of applications. They are durable and flexible seals that can withstand almost every environment due to their ability to resist damage through UV, ozone, and temperature fluctuations. EPDM gasket material is unsurpassed in its resistance to weathering despite harsh environments and remains one of the most recommended materials used for gasketing needs.