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Heavy Duty Rubber
Oct 18, 2018

No two jobs are completely alike. On one hand, there are the standard types of commercial and industrial applications that require only the basic kinds of material. At other times, however, a project or need may be more physically demanding than usual. For these harsh conditions and challenging applications, Rubber-Cal offers a complete line of heavy-duty rubber products that can protect both your floors and your equipment from costly damages. Not many people stop and think about it, but flooring and surfacing supports virtually every facet of our lives. The protective rubber items offered by Rubber-Cal are great at resisting physical abrasions and can endure in harsh indoor and outdoor environments for extended periods of time. Since they are often made using recycled tires, our hard rubber materials are both eco-friendly and cost-effective options for America’s consumers.

Heavy-duty rubber is always designed with protection in mind. Yes, these heavy products are bigger and harder to move around than other products, but the protection they offer to an area is worth it. Our line of heavy-duty rubber mats is made of high durometer rubber. Durometer is a measurement of a material’s durability, density and elasticity. When a material possesses a high durometer rating, as in the case of our heavy protective rubber, it can be considered a hard rubber that is better able to endure harsh physical conditions. Overall, our heavy-duty rubber products are denser and sturdier than most other low or medium-grade durometer elastomers.

A very important aspect of heavy-duty rubber is its superb quality of protection for existing surfaces. It protects floors mainly against physical types of harm. In industrial settings, a regular source of such harmful abrasions can come from heavy equipment/machinery. Industrial equipment tends to be very heavy, made of metal, and is often in motion. Without any kind of protective rubber in place under such equipment, your floors are vulnerable to damage. Abrasion-resistant rubber is the perfect barrier between the machine and the floor simply because it is thicker, with more sturdy rubber layers to absorb the weight and impact of a heavy machine in motion. The machine will be placed on tough high durometer rubber instead of on softer, more sensitive surfacing. This allows for a machine to continue operating without interruption. An additional and underappreciated benefit of heavy-duty rubber is that it helps by naturally absorbing the vibrations of any machinery against it. Vibrations are capable of generating irritating noise and causing damage, but these protective rubber products offers powerful functionality by absorbing the impacts and vibrations.

This superior level of protection can also be attributed to the recycled rubber material used in our hard rubber products. Recycled rubber is made from vehicle tires, products that would otherwise simply be deposited in the nearest landfill and left to waste away very slowly, were they not recycled. The rubber in these tires is very strong and designed to handle very harsh conditions. This quality is transferred over to our recycled heavy-duty rubber material. While the recycled tire rubber aids in protecting against physical harm, it also keeps the protective rubber safe in the outdoors. It endures against moisture and UV rays better than non-recycled rubber products. This abrasion-resistant rubber will function just as well outdoors as it will indoors. Consumers can benefit from recycled rubber products in two ways. First, it is an eco-friendly material that helps reduce non-biodegradable waste in the environment. Secondly, it is available at more affordable rates than non-recycled competitors. Investing in heavy-duty rubber protection at competitive rates is a sound idea for your application.

Not only do we want our mats to last a long time, but we want your equipment to last just as long. Beyond saving money and protecting the floors of an area, high durometer rubber products also provide a denser material for equipment to stand on or rest against. As thick as our hard rubber products are, they are still softer than hard concrete or asphalt. This level of pliability is important when you are talking about a material to suit industrial applications. This combination of durability and flexibility is better for equipment because it will not suffer any structural damage, as it might if there is friction created between completely rigid parts. Since our heavy-duty rubber is so good at dispersing force and impact across its surface, a moving/vibrating machine can carry on functioning without any concern for damaging the floor or itself.

Rubber-Cal offers a wide range of different heavy-duty rubber products to make sure every need is met. These products include everything from thick protective rubber mats to extremely dense, solid and hard rubber sheets that have cloth inserted within the rubber to add an extra level of strength. This cloth-inserted heavy-duty rubber is especially useful when a strong material is needed for mechanical fastening within industrial applications, because the material prevents the rubber from stretching and warping.

With some products, such as commercial grade neoprene, the heavy-duty rubber is available in extremely thick gauges. This rubber has a lower durometer and therefore a higher level of elasticity than many heavy-duty rubber materials, but can come in a custom thickness option of up to two inches. This type of protective rubber also has a high working temperature and a good level of resistance to substances such as oils and chemicals, making it well suited to industrial settings

Finally, as if all the above benefits were not enough, heavy-duty rubber mats are also famously easy to clean. We know that industrial and commercial work environments can often become dirty due to a number of factors. Cleanliness is important to any employer or business owner, so, when it does come time to clean, it is critical to make it as painless as possible. Thankfully, when it comes to rubber padding, cleaning is about as painless as it can be. Just use a hose and standard detergent and you will have your protective rubber mats squeaky clean in no time!

If you have a heavy-duty industrial or commercial application you will want the protective qualities of our strongest abrasion-resistant rubber. Our heavy-duty rubber is eco-friendly and very affordable, making it a great alternative to other synthetic materials. This recycled hard rubber is strong enough to withstand the pressure of heavy weights. A heavy-duty rubber barrier will protect both your equipment and existing surfaces from any potential harm they may do to each other. It can also be placed outdoors because recycled tire rubber resists the degrading effects of moisture and sunlight. When you need a heavy-duty solution to a challenging or demanding job, look no further than our line of heavy-duty rubber products.