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Industrial Rubber
Oct 18, 2018

Industry is a very important part of the economy. In fact, it is a very important part of our modern lives in general! A vital part of any industrial machine, product, process or setting will always be the components used within it. In this case, we are talking about industrial rubber products. Rubber-Cal inventories high quality rubber supplies that can be used in various industrial applications. We recognize that many industries have a vital need for crucial products made from rubber. Our line of quality engineered rubber products aims to satisfy that need. Industrial rubber can provide the answer when looking to fill a variety of functions. These could be anything from needing a strong material to provide industrial seals to gaskets, pads, bumpers, shock absorbers and more! Our inventory even consists of food grade rubber in case your application involves the use of consumables. Chances are that if your application needs a vital part made of rubber, Rubber-Cal can most likely provide it.

Among the most common types of industrial rubber products out there are industrial seals and gaskets. These are present in the vast majority of machines in factories and workshops across the country. Rubber industrial seals allow hard parts, such as metal, to make contact with each other without damaging the structural integrity of the machine itself. They are meant for protection and provide a cushion to allow the machine to function properly over a longer period. These engineered rubber products are a specialty of ours. We offer custom rubber gaskets made from a variety of different rubber sheets, from EPDM to Silicone. We welcome you to specify the exact requirements of your gasket and we will fabricate it for you via hand, die, and hydro-jet cutting.

Feet, pads, and bumpers are another very popular class of industrial rubber supplies. Also meant to act as protectors, they are designed to provide a barrier between equipment and the floors they are placed on. Depending on the particular application, you can choose from our array of natural and synthetic rubber padding. Rubber supplies make for the perfect pads and bumpers because they offer more elasticity and pliability, making sure that neither the machine nor the floors they rest on are damaged.

Of all the industrial-grade products made from rubber, perhaps none screams industrial strength more than our line of heavy-duty rubber sheets and mats. People use these tough and heavy industrial rubber products as a heavyweight version of pads and bumpers. These engineered rubber products are meant to take a beating. They are thicker and heavier than other types of rubber. Although they lack the amount of flexibility enjoyed by their standard weight counterparts, they make up for it with their excellent durability and abrasion resistance. After all, these rubber supplies are called “heavy-duty” for a reason.

Anyone who works in an industrial setting will be able to attest to the fact that some equipment is not always standing still. Many industrial machines are constantly in motion, moving and vibrating in one fixed position. This can be a danger to the overall safety of the machine and the workplace. We therefore make it a point to supply industrial rubber shock absorbers. Some of these shock absorbers are also heavy-duty, while others are more along the lines of standard matting. The secret behind their shock absorbing qualities is the rubber material that makes them. Products made from rubber benefit from a natural degree of shock absorption. The density and elasticity of rubber – especially industrial rubber types – allow shocks, vibrations and impacts to mitigated and absorbed, preventing it from reaching the surface below and causing any damage. Your machine will be protected while functioning on top of these tough industrial rubber products.

In case your industry involves food or any other consumables, we have you covered. We offer FDA-approved engineered rubber products made from silicone. These food-grade industrial seals are cleared for contact with consumable materials. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has strict guidelines for what rubber supplies qualify for use with food and drink. Our FDA-grade silicone meets their requirements, allowing this form of industrial rubber to come into contact with food without harming it in any way. These engineered rubber products are made using silicone, specifically because it is a non-toxic form of rubber. This means that it can be used to create FDA-approved seals and packaging, protecting food properly without causing ill-effects. FDA silicone material can be used for any food packaging or transport application you may have.

A unique type of industrial rubber that has seen increasing popularity in recent years is foam sponge rubber. Available in Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, or even blended variants, this rubber tends to be softer than its solid rubber counterparts. They are used in industrial applications that require softer rubber parts instead of the usual solid variations. While they generally fulfill the same uses as industrial seals and gaskets, the specific physical and chemical properties of the foam sponge rubber will depend on the type of rubber it is made from. A sponge industrial rubber will be highly flexible and offer a high degree of compressibility and strength. But it will also offer a host of other capabilities. For instance, foam sponge rubber made from neoprene will possess a strong resistance to oils and greases, while sponge EPDM will retain the qualities of its solid counterpart, performing well outdoors due to its excellent resistance to moisture, UV rays and ozone.

No matter the nature of your need, Rubber-Cal has the industrial rubber to do the job. We have a vast inventory of rubber supplies which all have different functions and capabilities. Depending on the industry and specific setting, we have industrial rubber types and engineered rubber products made from everything ranging from high grade non-marking silicone to tough SBR. If you need dependable engineered rubber products that can function on an industrial scale, then you have come to the right place. From general gaskets to FDA-approved elastomers, our inventory is stocked for almost any industrial situation that may arise. Do not wait to get the right industrial rubber part for your application!