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Leakage representation of sealing rubber O ring
Oct 23, 2018
Rubber O ring leakage representation:
Usually the gasket leak representation in four ways: interface leakage, leakage, leakage, damage soaked dispersion leakage.
Interface: the interface leak gasket compression is not enough, because the flange contact surface roughness, with flange deformation have occurred in sealing interface leakage. On the advent of leakage, selection of cushion material clamping in flange can prevent.
With soft materials leaked: because most of the fiber was simple, especially suitable medium leaching, pressure effect. Because the capillary representation, the medium will be saturated to the low side, to form a saturated.
Leakage concentration difference: in the dispersion medium through capillary sealing, sealing the occurrence of voids or data of mass transfer and leak. Dispersion is the result of molecular motion, and it is not unidirectional. The minimum sealing pressure or vacuum condition, or nitrogen, hydrogen permeable sealing material, as well as poisonous and radioactive substances should pay special attention to two kinds of leak soaked and scattered.
The damage: in contrast to the seal leakage of poor working conditions, the thermal deformation, often by vibration and impact device is wrong, the fastening force is too large, repeatedly used, squeeze deformation, stress convergence, beyond the fatigue strength and damage, data transformation aging, will form damage leakage. The biggest effect on the formation of leakage, damage, to strengthen prevention.