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O Ring Standard Sizes Metric
Dec 30, 2018
Spliced and Vulcanized O-rings

O-ring specifications and standards

O-ring specifications are mainly UHSO ring specifications, UHPO ring specifications, UNO ring specifications, DHO ring specifications, piston rod O-ring specifications, high temperature O-rings, high pressure O-rings, corrosion resistant O-shape Ring, wear-resistant O-ring.

The standard of O-ring is mainly GB 1235-76, GB3452.1-92; Japanese standard P TYPE, G TYPE, S TYPE, SS/V TYPE, F TYPE; American standard AS568, British standard series; European standard series .

O-ring technical requirements include appearance requirements, dimensional requirements, and material physical performance requirements.

Appearance requirements are in accordance with GB/T3452.2-2007;

Material requirements are in accordance with HG/T2579-2008;

Dimensional requirements are in accordance with GB/T3452.1-2005.