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O rings- Industry term Knowledge
Aug 08, 2018

Adhere – When materials stick or cling to one another. 

Aging – When a material undergoes physical changes over time. 

Back-Up Ring – A hard ring that is placed in the gland between the o-ring and the groove walls in order to prevent extrusion. 

Batch – The resulting product from a mixing operation. 

Cell – A small cavity that is surrounded either completely or partially by walls. 

Elastomer – Any of the various materials that are elastic and resemble rubber. Elastomers can be used instead of springs as energizers. 

Energizer – A device used in some o-rings that acts to retain the ring’s natural shape.  Often, either a spring or an elastomer serve as the energizer at the core of the o-ring. 

Friction – The resistance to motion when two or more surfaces rub against one another. 

Gland – Cavity into which an o-ring is installed, which also has the groove and mating surface of the second part. 

Inside Diameter – The size measured from any inner point of an o-ring to the inner location on the direct opposite side, creating a straight line. 

Lubricity – The slippery, lubricated qualities an o-ring material has.  

Memory – A material’s tendency to resume its original shape after deformation. 

Mil-Spec – O-rings that meet and/or surpass standards of the United States military. 

Off-Register – When a mold is misaligned and causes an out-of-round cross section of an o-ring.  

Outside Diameter – The size measured from an outside point of an o-ring to that same point on the direct opposite side, creating a straight line. 

Overflow Groove – A groove around the mold cavity of an o-ring that is used to accept excess material from the cavity in order to create a better fit. 

Parting Line – A line outside of o-rings that is left-over from when the two mold plates met. 

Polyurethane – Any of various resins that vary in flexibility and are used in chemical resistant coatings, foams and adhesives. 

Squeeze – Cross-section compression of an o-ring gland assembly that shows between the surface of the groove bottom and surface of the mating metal part. 

Vulcanized – Improved strength, lubricity and resiliency by combining sulfur and/or other additives with both heat and pressure. 

Water Swell – The bulging or increased size of an o-ring due to water intake. 

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