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O type ring hardness measurement
Oct 23, 2018
The O type ring hardness has the following items, which are the experimental instrument, the sample, the experimental procedure and the experimental result.
Test equipment - this test on the micro hardness tester, hardness tester should meet the GB/T6032-1985 "hardness of vulcanized rubber (30-85IRHI) micro test method"
(1) the inner diameter of the standard sample is 14mm + 0.17mm. The cross section diameter is 2.65mm + 0.09mm, the sample is 3
(2) the section diameter is more than 6mm or more than 30mm in diameter the O-ring, can cut the fragments were measured, compared the results with the standard cannot
Test procedure: according to the GB/T 6032 test procedure
The test results indicated, measurement results for 3, the number of rounding digits