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Ordinary rubber O ring and other rubber products is how to shape?
Oct 23, 2018
Some people want to know the general rubber O ring is how to shape, such as O type circle, which is the mold of what material? How does it inject into the mold and then shape it? Is its material heated by rubber particles and then injected into the mold to form? Or with several different liquid materials mixed together and then injected into the mold in the shape of it? Do you want to cool after molding or other processes can be good?
1 dimensions will tell mold factory and let it give you open mold, (that is simple two pieces of thick plate round punch two round semicircular groove). The price in the talk.
The 2.O ring is generally oil resistant rubber mixing mill to buy at least get better quality, the higher the price (which can also be said before forming material is solid. Generally patchy.)
3 die bottom and cover two fan work will die before the first preheating mold is opened and the mixed rubber is placed at the bottom and then cover the lid. And then sandwiched glue mould into flat vulcanizing machine heating and pressurizing time, no more than five or six minutes, then remove the mold. After a few minutes in the air of nature cooling
Rubber O ring product features
Product specifications: diameter 0.8-580 diameter 0.5-8.6
Product material: excellent elastic rubber, NBR
Product hardness: Shao 70 degrees
Product color: the default is black
Temperature range: -20 ~ 130
Product advantage
(1). The surface gloss, no needle flash, high precision
(2) excellent rebound performance
(3) excellent sealing effect.
(4) excellent weather resistant performance
(5) material stability and good performance
(6) can be customized non-standard models