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Rubber O ring mold in the use of the use and maintenance
Oct 22, 2018
The use of rubber O ring mold need to do the following:
1, avoid the bump,
In 2, a model of the time met owe good demoulding products do not use iron utensils with copper needles may avoid scratches of bamboo,
3, with the release of the mold release tool using aluminum or nylon plastic materials, such as the production of,
4, cleaning the mold do not use acidic cleaning agent, the use of special alkaline lotion,
5, cleaning time should not use dry sand mold (in special circumstances) try to use wet blasting or blasting, seal and O type circle mould is generally not used directly with wet cleaning detergent after using alkali copper wire brush under hot water wash,
Maintenance of rubber O mould after application:
1, remove the mold after taking advantage of heat cleaning,
2, coated with anti rust oil
3, into the mold library to specify the orientation of the file.