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Silicone Food Grade Products Bring a Multitude of Benefits to the Table!
Oct 18, 2018

Silicone food grade rubber sheets help to ensure that food being processed, packaged, transported, sold, cooked, and eaten is uncontaminated throughout each step of this process. Approved by the US Food and Drug Association (FDA), silicone rubber products can be found in a wide variety of applications throughout the phases that food travels through before making it into the mouths of consumers. The silicone food grade elastomer is the “go-to” rubber of choice for a multitude of reasons! All food handling procedures have high standards and expectations to live up to and with a food grade high temp silicone product there will be no disappointments! Silicone brings all of its inherent qualities to the table through the food industry!

There are many situations in the initial steps of the food handling process where the beneficial characteristics of silicone food grade materials become apparent. One of the most notable of these is this elastomer’s ability to withstand and function in a wide temperature range. A silicone food grade product is ideal for many food processing and packaging applications. The different types of industrial machines required for food processing procedures will need to use FDA approved products to maintain the level of cleanliness expected while simultaneously continuing to generate safe and consumable products. FDA silicone rubber can be used as food grade seals and gaskets in many of these machines and is especially ideal in machines that experience a wide temperature range. Silicone, food grade types especially, thrives in high temperatures, but is also stable in extremely low temperatures. While other elastomers may become brittle and break in extreme heat, food grade high temp silicone retains its characteristics and flexibility.

Silicone food grade sheet rubber also comes in a variety of durometers. This range provides ample flexibility within an application for this elastomer to be used while also providing the elastomer with its own flexibility! Depending on the application’s specific requirements, a pliable or hard silicone sheet can be selected. Soft, or low durometer, silicone rubbers are ideal in sealing or gasketing applications where there may be delicate casings or specific tolerances needing to be accommodated. The softer type of silicone is usually preferred because it is far easier to manipulate according to specific needs. Silicone makes the ultimate type of food grade seals.

Another benefit of silicone, especially the FDA silicone rubber seen and used in the food industry, is that many compounds will not stick to it. This characteristic adds to the functionality and cleanliness this food grade high temp silicone provides that make it stand out from other options. FDA silicone rubber also has good resistance to many chemicals, UV, and ozone weathering and is an all around fairly tough elastomer. All of these qualities make silicone food grade rubber ideal in harsh environments where other elastomers would fail.

Food handling applications require a complete lack of toxicity from the components used in them. The FDA only gives its stamp of approval to materials that will not harm the safety and integrity of consumables. Food grade seals made of silicone will be among the safest products to use in food handling and packaging because they are non-toxic and odorless. Best of all, silicone food grade products do not allow any microbial byproducts to form on their bodies, therefore making them very safe elastomer products to use for contact with food.

FDA silicone rubber sheets and products can, and will, fulfill many applications throughout the food service and processing industries. Processing, packaging, transporting, selling, cooking, and eating food products can be done with the peace of mind granted to consumers by silicone rubber. Silicone food grade rubber fits the mold to almost any specification imaginable and always brings all of its benefits to the table!