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Washing Machine Vibration Mats
Oct 18, 2018

Washing machines are a common sight in many households across the country. No one can deny the importance of these hardworking machines to our daily lives. After all, they help keep our clothes clean and presentable! The Laundromat business has had a firm presence in the American economy as well, providing laundry services to those who do not have washing machines in their own homes. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at the end of 2013 there were an estimated total of 202,642 Laundromat establishments in the US (http://www.bls.gov/iag/tgs/iag812.htm).

As useful as washing machines are, they pose a potentially costly and harmful problem: vibration. These machines are generally very heavy and made of hard metal and plastic materials. When they are on, washing machines emit a lot of vibrations. The vibrations can be very severe and end up damaging the floors that the machine is placed on. It is for this reason that washing machine vibration mats are necessary. The best anti-vibration mats are made of rubber. The reason for this excellence is due to rubber’s natural physical properties. When you are looking for dependable shock absorption materials, it is hard to beat the benefits offered by rubber. It is very well suited to handling the rigors of washing machine vibration.

First, it is important to know exactly how a washing machine can damage your floors. Consider the type of floor that your washing machine sits on. More than likely, it is a wood floor. The problem with surfaces of wood is that it is very susceptible to damage from stationary heavy objects. The same is true for other surfaces like tile, laminate, and even concrete. The sheer weight of the machine can cause discoloration, chips, and cracks on the surface. The potential for damage is further amplified if the machine in question is turned on. Washers buckle and bounce when they are in use and can chip and scratch the floors they are on. The constant stream of washing machine vibration can cause the machine to grind away at the sensitive surfaces below, which results in you facing expensive repair costs.

Rubber insulators can reduce these hazards. Made of shock absorption materials, they are the ideal solution to protect your home’s surfaces. The type of rubber used as vibration mats is physically strong and durable, while also soft enough to be safe for contact with other surfaces. For starters, rubber is very good at absorbing shock and other physical impacts. A rubber mat for washing machine areas will be able to handle the repeated vibrations that the machine gives off. In fact, rubber insulators are used for similar purposes in various industrial and construction applications due to their resistance to physical impact. Rubber tends to absorb the impact. It spreads the force out through its surface, preventing the impact from reaching the surfacing below the mat.

Rubber is an elastic material. Although particular rubber vibration mats may feel hard, the material actually possesses a degree of elasticity that is unmatched by other materials. Rubber’s natural elasticity allows it to be used for purposes like handling washing machine vibration and other physical hazards. When your heavy washer is placed on top of the rubber mat, it will have a hard time damaging it. Rubber can bounce back fairly easily. Specific types of rubber have different levels of elasticity and resistance to physical indentation, but on the whole they possess enough in order to serve as shock absorption materials effectively.

A particular concern about washing machines is that their constant vibrations can cause the machine to move. When turned on and placed over an unprotected surface like laminate, a washing machine can slowly move out of place. When this happens, damage is not only confined to one place, but expands to wherever the machine happens to move. In other words, washing machine vibration damage is spread out across a greater area. Vibration mats made of rubber can help keep your machine in place. Rubber material possesses a naturally high level of friction. This means that the machine on top of the rubber insulators will have a better level of grip on them to prevent them from moving around and causing havoc.

Washing machine vibration also produces another type of nuisance: noise. Think about it. Whenever a washing machine or dryer is active, they emit a buzzing and humming sound that can grate the ears. This is a byproduct of vibration. In addition to dampening shock and vibrations, rubber can also dampen noise. It is a reason why rubber insulators are often used in sound studios. Rubber anti-vibration mats will help to keep your home more peaceful by minimizing the noise given off by washing machines and dryers.

On the whole, washing machine vibration is often overlooked as a source of flooring damage. When people first purchase their machines, they forget that if the heavy machine is placed on their exposed wooden or tile floors, the risk of them being damaged increases significantly. It is very important to get a rubber mat for washing machine areas. Their importance cannot be stressed enough. The benefits that rubber shock absorption materials bring to the job are hard to ignore. Rubber has the durability to endure the heavy weight of the washing machine and possesses enough elasticity to resist indentation. Most importantly, it prevents washing machine vibration from reaching down to the floors below and damaging them. Spare yourself any unwanted repair costs. A rubber mat for washing machine areas is a cost-effective option for long-term flooring protection.