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Characteristics Of Injection Mould
Oct 18, 2018

Injection mold and plastic mold features a small difference, it is a production of plastic products tools. Injection mold It gives the plastic products accurate size and complete structure, the current market most of the plastic products are based on injection molds, injection mold is through the heat melts the material and high ah injection mold, through the cooling fixed to get molded products.

Injection mold is mainly divided into dynamic mode and fixed mold two parts, it according to the molding process of injection molding tools are divided into plastic mold, blow molding, casting mold, Jetchen, hot pressing mold, Injection Mold injection mold and other categories. Injection mold It is through the moving mold installed in the injection molding machine's mobile template, by moving the dynamic mode to make it with the fixed-mode closure of the way to make plastic products.

Injection mold is the production of various industrial products important process equipment, with the rapid development of the plastic industry, Injection Mold the current injection mold is generally used in aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships and automobiles and other important industrial sectors. With the wide use of computer, injection mold gradually towards the data automation.

Due to the characteristics of injection mold, the temperature in the injection mold is uneven, which is mainly related to the time of injection cycle. Heat balance control of injection mold injection molding machine and mold thermal conduction is the key to produce plastic parts, Injection Mold so keep the mold in constant temperature work is particularly important.

Injection mold Manufacturing has 5 distinct characteristics, the analysis is as follows:

1, the cavity and the core are three-dimensional surface.

The outer and inner shapes of the plastic parts are formed directly by the cavities and cores these complex three-dimensional surface machining difficulty is relatively large, Injection Mold especially the cavity of the blind hole-shaped surface processing, if the use of traditional processing methods, not only the high level of technical workers, auxiliary fixture more, tool, and processing cycle length.

2, high precision and surface quality requirements, long service life requirements.

At present, the size precision of general plastic parts requires it6-7, surface roughness Ra0.2-0.1μm, the corresponding injection mold parts dimension accuracy requirements to achieve it5-6, surface roughness Ra0. The roughness of the laser disk recording surface must reach the level of mirror processing 0.02-0.01μm This requires the surface roughness of the mould to reach 0.01μm below.

Long life injection mold for the improvement of high efficiency and reduce the cost is very necessary, at present the service life of injection mold generally requires more than 1 million times. Precision injection mold To use a large stiffness of the mold frame, to increase the thickness of the template, Injection Mold to increase the support column or cone-shaped positioning elements to prevent the mold under pressure to produce deformation, sometimes the internal pressure can reach 100MPa. The ejector device is an important factor which affects the deformation and the precision of the product, so the best ejection point should be chosen so as to make the demoulding evenly. High-precision injection mold in the structure of most of the use of a mosaic or the entire structure, Injection Mold which requires the mold parts processing precision, interchangeability is greatly improved.

3, the process is long, manufacturing time is tight.

Mold expert Rob believes that, for injection molded parts, mostly with other components supporting the formation of complete products, and in a lot of cases are in other parts have been completed, and eagerly waiting for injection molded parts of the list. Because of the high accuracy of the shape or size of the product, and because of the different characteristics of the resin material, mold manufacturing after completion, Injection Mold but also need to repeat the trial and correction, so that the development and delivery time is very tense.

4, off-site design, manufacturing in different places.

Die Manufacturing is not the ultimate goal, but by the user to propose the final product design, mold manufacturers According to user requirements, design and manufacture of molds and in most cases, the injection production of products in other manufacturers. This result in the product design, mold design and manufacture and production of products in different situations.

5, professional Division of labor, dynamic combination.