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Injection Mold Of The Four Major Systems
Oct 18, 2018

With the advent of electric vehicles and unmanned technology and the era of new energy vehicles, car lightweight design will be the inevitable trend of car design, and can make the car lightweight design to the reality must be plastic. Plastic used in the automotive industry, is bound to the plastics industry and automotive injection mold industry to bring a new historical opportunity.

Injection molding of the four systems are: pouring system, Injection Mold forming system, temperature control system, the top of the system.

Single part injection mold

Open mode, the dynamic mode and mold separation, and thus remove the plastic parts, said single sub-surface mold, also known as double-plate mode (two plate mold). It is the most simple and most basic form of injection mold, it can be designed as a single cavity injection mold, Injection Mold can also be designed into multi-cavity injection mold, is the most widely used an injection mold.

Double split face mold

There are two sub-surface molds, compared with the single-part injection molding mold, double-part surface injection mold in the fixed part of the increase can be a local move the middle plate (also known as the activities of the gate plate, Which is equipped with gate, runner and die required for other parts and components), so also called three-board (moving template, the middle plate, set template) injection mold, Injection Mold which is commonly used in point gate feeding single Cavity or multi-cavity injection mold, open mode, the middle plate in the fixed guide on the column with the fixed template for a distance separation, in order to remove the two between the template pouring system condensate. The double mold face mold mold structure is complex, the manufacturing cost is higher, Injection Mold the parts processing difficulty is generally not used for the forming of large or large plastic products.

What are the process of injection mold design?

First, we have to consider is the injection machine model, to choose what kind of injection molding machine injection molding is also a very critical factor.

Second, the number of points to determine the number and arrangement is also an important process, such as: the weight of the product and the injection of the injection volume, the accuracy of products, products, such as no side of the core and processing methods, etc.

Third, the choice of injection mold profiles.

Fourth, the injection mold parting surface to determine. We have to consider the appearance of the product does not affect the requirements and accuracy to be guaranteed, Injection Mold but also to facilitate the processing of molds, especially the cavity of the processing.

Fifth, is to determine the type and core pulling mechanism.

The design of the mold system, the design of the exhaust system, the design of the cooling system, the design of the thimble system, the design of the guide device, the drawing of the main parts of the mold, the design of the drawings, the design of the mold parts, the design of the mold parts, the design of the mold parts, Proofreading, design drawing