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Maintenance Of Injection Mold
Oct 18, 2018

Injection mold maintenance content is divided into:

3.1 Before the production of injection mold maintenance

3.1.1 shall be on the surface of the injection mold oil, rust clean, check injection mold cooling water hole whether there is foreign body, whether there is a waterway impassability

3.1.2 must check the injection mold rubber mouth sleeve in the arc damage, whether there are residual foreign bodies;

3.1.3 Injection mold fixed template screws and clamping clamps are tightened, etc.

3.1.4 injection mold after the injection molding machine, Injection Mold the first to carry out the empty mode operation. Observe its various parts of the movement is flexible, whether there is abnormal phenomenon, the active parts such as guide pillar, top pole, row position whether wear, lubrication is good, top out stroke, Injection Mold open the stroke is in place, the mold time type surface is close and so on.

3.2 Production of injection mold maintenance

3.2.1 injection mold when used, to maintain normal temperature, not hot and cold. Working at normal temperature can prolong the service life of injection mould.

3.2.2 Daily inspection of all guiding pillars of injection mold, guide sleeve, back needle, push rod, slider, core and so on whether damage, at any time to observe, regular inspection, timely scrub, Injection Mold and to its refueling regularly, daily maintenance two times to ensure that these sliding pieces of flexible movement, to prevent the tight-astringent bite dead.

3.2.3 each time before the clamping, should pay attention to, the cavity is clean, and absolutely no residual products, or any other foreign body, clean when the use of hard tools, to prevent the impact of the surface of the cavity.

3.2.4 cavity surface with special requirements of the injection mold, surface roughness Ra is less than or equal to 0.2cm, absolutely can not be wiped with hand or cotton silk, compressed air blowing, Injection Mold or with advanced paper napkin and advanced absorbent cotton dipped in alcohol gently wipe.

3.2.5 regular cleaning injection mold types and exhaust groove of foreign body rubber wire, foreign bodies, oil, etc., the mold surface, the flow surface cleaning two times a day. Injection Mold Injection molding mold In the molding process will often break down the low molecular compound corrosion injection mold cavity, so that the surface of the bright cavity gradually become bleak and reduce product quality, Injection Mold it is necessary to regularly scrub, scrub can use alcohol or ketone class preparation, after scrubbing to dry.

3.2.6 regularly check the water flow of the injection mold, and tighten all the fastening screws.

3.2.7 Check whether the limit switch of injection mold is abnormal, oblique pin. Whether the miter top is abnormal.

3.3 Downtime Injection Mold Maintenance

3.3.1 operation departure requires temporary downtime, the injection mold should be closed, do not let the cavity and core exposed, in order to prevent accidental damage, downtime is expected to exceed 24 hours, in the cavity, the core surface sprayed with anti-rust oil or release agent, Injection Mold especially in the humid areas and the rainy season, short time to do rust-proof treatment.

The water vapor in the air will reduce the surface quality of the mould cavity and the products ' surfaces decrease. When the injection mould is used again, the oil on the injection mould should be removed and cleaned before it can be used, the cleaning compressed air of the mirror requirement is blown dry after drying with the hot wind, otherwise it will seep in when forming and make the product defect.

3.3.2 after the temporary shutdown, open the injection mold should check whether the slider limit movement, not found the exception to die. In short, must be cautious before boot, not careless.

3.3.3 in order to prolong the service life of the cooling water channel, when the injection mould is stopped, the water in the cooling water channel should be cleared immediately with compressed air, with a small amount of oil in the mouth of the nozzle and then compressed air, so that all cooling pipes have a layer of rust-proof oil.

3.3.4 work carefully check the working state of the control parts, prevent the auxiliary system abnormal, heating, control system maintenance of hot runner injection mold is particularly important. Injection Mold At the end of every a production cycles, the rod heaters, belt heaters, thermocouples are measured with Ouyun and compared with the technical specifications of the injection mold to ensure that their functions are intact. At the same time, the control circuit may be installed in the circuit through the ammeter test. Injection Mold The oil in the hydraulic cylinder of the core is drained as far as possible, and the nozzle is sealed so as to avoid leaking or polluting the surrounding environment during the storage and transportation process.

3.3.5 in the production to hear the injection mold noise or other abnormal conditions, should be immediately shut down check. Injection mold maintenance personnel to the normal operation of the workshop injection mold to conduct a roving inspection, found that abnormal phenomenon, should be dealt with in time.

3.3.6 operators in the shift, in addition to the handover of production, process critical record, the use of injection mold also need to have detailed account.

3.3.7 when the injection mold finished the production quantity, to replace the other injection mold, the injection mold cavity should be coated with anti-rust agent, Injection Mold the injection mold of the attachment to the injection mold maintenance staff, and the final mold production of qualified products as a sample sent to the maintenance staff. In addition, should also send a list of injection mold use, fill in details of the injection mold on what machine, from a certain date of the month, a total quantity of products produced, and now injection mold is good. If there is a problem in the injection mold, to fill in the use of the injection mold on the list of problems, to propose amendments and perfect the specific requirements, and hand over a pieces of the sample to the keeper, the injection mold to repair mold when the reference.

3.3.8 After the shutdown to check whether the surface of the injection mold residual rubber wire, foreign body, etc. to clean up after the uniform spraying anti-rust agent, accurately fill in the relevant records.