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The Injection Mould Moves Toward The Data Automation
Oct 18, 2018

Injection mold is a tool to produce plastic products. Injection mold It gives the plastic products accurate size and complete structure, the current market most of the plastic products are based on injection molds, injection mold is through the heat melts the material and high ah injection mold, through the cooling fixed to get molded products.

Injection mold is mainly divided into dynamic mode and fixed mold two parts, it according to the molding process of injection molding tools are divided into plastic mold, blow molding, casting mold, Jetchen, hot pressing mold, injection mold and other categories. Injection Mold Injection mold It is through the moving mold installed in the injection molding machine's mobile template, by moving the dynamic mode to make it with the fixed-mode closure of the way to make plastic products.

Injection mold is the production of various industrial products important process equipment, with the rapid development of the plastic industry, the current injection mold is generally used in aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships and automobiles and other important industrial sectors. With the wide use of computer, injection mold gradually towards the data automation.

Due to the characteristics of injection mold, the temperature in the injection mold is uneven, which is mainly related to the time of injection cycle. Heat balance control of injection mold injection molding machine and mold thermal conduction is the key to produce plastic parts, Injection Mold so keep the mold in constant temperature work is particularly important.

Characteristics of injection Mould

The injection mould has been widely used in the production of plastic products because it can form multiple plastic parts with complex structure, precise size and good intrinsic quality. But the design and manufacture process of injection mold is very complicated, and the influence factors are many. Concrete component mould, Injection Mold Chian shoulder plate mould, well bizigou mould, etc. Gating system is an important part in the design of injection mold structure, it is also the only channel of the plastic melt entering the mould cavity, Injection Mold and its geometrical shape and the rationality of the structure dimension design directly affect the rheological properties and filling effect of the polymer melt in the mold channel, and finally affect the molding quality of the plastic parts. Injection Mold The production practice shows that many defects in molding process, such as jet flow, warping deformation, weld mark and undervoltage, are closely related to the design of gating system.

However, in the design of injection mold, most of them are based on the knowledge and experience of the mold designers, determine the type and structure of the gating system, and the rationality of the design can only be evaluated according to the test results. Concrete component mould, Chian shoulder plate mould, well Bizigou mould Obviously this design method cannot adapt to the changing demands of modern market. At present, Injection Mold although some enterprises adopt CAE analysis tools to simulate the flow of gating system design, however, due to the diversity of plastic parts and the complexity of matching the rheological properties between the pouring system and the plastic material, it is necessary to find out the optimum gating system parameters for the structure and rheological properties of the plastic parts.

Based on the above analysis, this paper introduces the artificial intelligence technology into the injection mold design process, adopts the feature-based Object Arx entity modeling and parametric modeling and expert knowledge and database technology, applies rbr and CBR method, Injection Mold aiming at the actual characteristics of injection mould design, The intelligent design of injection mold gating system is studied. Concrete component mould, Chian shoulder plate mold, well bizigou mold, through the pouring system design of the relevant knowledge and experience summarized, the previous successful design and typical structure of the case, to build an effective reasoning mechanism, the establishment of injection mold pouring system design intelligent system, and strive to be as accurate in the mold design, The design scheme of gating system is reasonably given to reduce the number of design errors, Injection Mold digital simulation and physical test modes, improve the success rate of die design and shorten the manufacturing cycle.