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Buna N Oring Joints toriques

Buna N Oring Joints toriques

Buna Oring Joints toriques NBR’s are used where excellent oil resistance is required. They are widely used in sealing applications, particularly for oils and gasoline (aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons). Major applications include gaskets, seals, diaphragms, gasoline hoses, liners, tubing, O-rings and cable jacketing. Carboxylated grades find also uses as rubber tougheners in many epoxy formulations. Typical grades have a working temperature range of -25°C to +100°C. Some low acrylonitrile materials are suitable for application down to -50°C and some peroxide cured grades go up to +150°C....
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Buna N Oring Joints toriques


Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), usually shortened to nitrile, is a unique elastomer. It can be produced by free-radical emulsion polymerization of butadiene with 15 to 45 percent acylonitrile either hot (hot rubber) or cold (cold rubber):

NBR grades with high acrylonitrile content have better oil and abrasion resistance, whereas grades with low acrylonitrile content have better low temperature flexibility and resilience. In general, nitrile rubbers have only moderate physical properties but good abrasion and excellent oil and hydrocarbon solvent resistance. However, they are not suitable for use with polar solvents. Nitrile rubbers also have low gas permeability particularly those with high nitrile content but poor ozone and modest heat resistance. To improve the physical properties, nitrile rubbers are sometimes carboxylated (XNBR) which improves their temperature resistance.

Many properties can be adjusted by varying the acrylonitrile content in the nitrile rubber. The higher the nitrile content, the higher the resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons and the lower the nitrile content, the better the low temperature flexibility.

  • High Nitrile: > 45 % Nitrile

  • Medium Nitrile: 30 - 45%

  • Low Nitrile: < 30%

The best overall balance for most applications is a medium nitrile content.


Our factory is professionally producing Bura Orings.


1.O-Ring sizes are defined by the inner diameter-ID and the cross section-CS , our o-ring Inner Diameter can be from 0.5mm to 800mm.

 ID X CS.jpg

2.Standard sizes such as AS568(PARKER sizes), JIS(P TYPE,G TYPE,S TYPE ,V TYPE ,F TYPE sizes) , BS1516 sizes Metric sizes as well as non-standard sizes are all avaiblabe.


3.Till now we have more than 5000 o-ring mould toolings , and can open new moulding as your request. Huge inventory of o-rings can meet your urgent requiremnets.


4.A very wide range of elastomer material hardness can be selected, main material: EPDM60, EPDM70, EPDM80 and so on.


Welcome to contact for details.

Customized-NBR-Silicone-EPDM-Viton-rubber-seal (3).jpg32.png

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