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EPDM Orings

Chemical Resistant EPDM O-rings

Chemical Resistant EPDM O-rings

High temperature chemical resistant shore 70A EPDM o ring for seals industry The largest market for EPDMs is the automotive industry. Typical applications include radiator and heater hoses, window and door seals, O-rings and gaskets, accumulator bladders, wire and cable connectors and insulators, diaphragms, and weather stripping. Furthermore, blends of EPDMs and other polymers (PP) are used for car bumpers, fender extensions, and rub strips. Other major applications are roofing and waterproofing, such as bitumen modifications, facade and parapet sealants, expansion joints, and pool- and tankliners. The typical working temperature range is -45°C to +150°C (-50°F to +300°F) and up to +180°C (+355°F) in steam....
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High temperature chemical resistant shore 70A EPDM o ring for seals industry

EPDM is acceptable for temperature applications between -70 degrees F (-57 degrees C) to 300 degrees F (149 degrees C). It is compatible for use with water and steam, silicone oil and grease, polar solvents (alcohols), acids, glycol-based brake fluids, ozone, and weathering. It is vulnerable to many oils, gasoline, and solvents. This material meets ASTM International standards

These compounds are used frequently to seal in brake systems, and for sealing hot water and steam. Ethylene propylene compounds have good resistance to mild acids, detergents, alkalis, silicone oils and greases, ketones, and alcohols. They are not recommended for applications with petroleum oils, mineral oil, di-ester lubricants, or fuel exposure. Ethylene Propylene has gained wide seal industry acceptance for its excellent ozone and chemical resistance properties and is compatible with many polar fluids that adversely affect other elastomers.

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