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EPDM Orings

Colored EPDM O-rings

Colored EPDM O-rings

Colored EPDM O-rings EPDM O-Rings are the most basic, cost effective and widely used rubber sealing component. The right combination of O-Ring material and O-Ring groove design will maximize sealing performance life....
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High temperature chemical resistant Colored EPM EDPM O-rings

General Description:

Ethylene-Propylene based elastomers make up a family of synthetic rubbers characterized by excellent chemical and thermal resistance. These materials can be compounded in a variety of ways for use in a wide range of demanding applications. Ethylene-Propylene elastomers are most commonly available as EPR, a copolymer of ethylene and propylene, and EPDM, a terpolymer. EPR and EPDM have very similar properties and the abbreviations are often used interchangeably. EPDM can be cured with either Sulphur or Peroxide. Sulphur curing is less expensive and easier to process but the product may be tacky and can exhibit some bloom. Peroxide curing is more difficult to process but provides better chemical, thermal, and aging resistance.

We Supply All the Popular O-Ring Materials in Any Durometer Hardness and Color Variation. Pantone color matching, although colors can look differently in rubber than other surfaces.

We are real manufacturer in China. 


Custom-Colored-NBR-EPDM-VITON-FKM-SILICONE_副本.jpgCustom-Colored-NBR-EPDM-VITON-FKM-SILICONE (4)_副本.jpg