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PTFE Coating Oring

PTFE Rubber Oring for Valve Stems

PTFE Rubber Oring for Valve Stems

The O-Ring is a very common seal and can be made of an elastomer, PTFE, or a solid or hollowed metal. O-Rings are primarily used for sealing and are put into a Gland that is cut into metal or other solid materials. The O-Ring and the gland make up the typical O-Ring assembly. We carry a large......
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PTFE Rubber Oring for Valve Stems

FEP and PFA Teflon® type Fluoropolymers (plastics) offer excellent chemical and temperature resistance, but lack the resiliency of elastomers (rubber) required to maintain a quality seal. Encapsulated and spring energized seals combine the best features of plastics, elastomers and steel springs to increase chemical and temperature performance compared to most solid elastomers. The main offsetting limitation is Teflon's® stiffness can require custom gland design to maximize sealing.

Ø Range       Static Pressure        Temp Range 

0.5 - 660mm    40 MPa                -200°C +260°C -

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