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FPM Mechanical Devices Rubber O-Ring

FPM Mechanical Devices Rubber O-Ring

VITON Mechanical Devices Rubber O-Ring Fluorocarbon O-rings (Viton/FKM) can be used in mechanical devices requiring maximum resistance to elevated temperatures....
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VITON Mechanical Devices Rubber O-Ring

VITON (fluoroelastomer FKM/FPM) Oil Resistant Rubber O-Ring

The  o rings can be used in many fields, such as elcetronics,  aerospace, automotive and so on. especially for Hydraulic Cylinder. Welcome to contact us for the right orings.

Recommended ApplicationsUnrecommended ApplicationsMechanical Properties
  • Fuel seals

  • Quick-connect O-rings

  • Head & intake manifold gaskets

  • Fuel injection seals

  • Advanced fuel hose components

  • Vacuum

  • Most acids and chemicals

  • Halogenated hydrocarbons

  • Di-ester lubricants

  • Petroleum oils and fuels

  • Silicone oils and greases

Ketones (MEK)

Auto and aircraft brake fluids

Amines (Ammonia)

Acetone, Skydrol, Ethyl Acetate

Hot Water and Steam (except specialty grades)

Low Molecular Esters and Ethers

Good Wear Resistance

Excellent Comp. Set Resistance

Moderate Short-Term Resilience

Excellent Permeation Resistance



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