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Rubber Gasket

Precision Washer Silicone Rubber Gasket

Precision Washer Silicone Rubber Gasket

Precision Washer Silicone Rubber Gasket can be found in a wide variety of other products, from kitchen utensils to thermal and electrical insulation. It is commonly used in automotive manufacturing, medical devices, food storage products, electronics, home repair and hardware products, and a host of “unseen” applications....
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Precision Washer Silicone Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gaskets are available in the following elastomers:

Aflas® or Kalrez®(FFKM)

Ethylene-propylene (EPR, EPDM)

Ethylene Acrylate Rubber(AEM)

Fluorocarbon (FKM/FPM/VITON)


Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)

Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR)

Neoprene Rubber(CR)

Nitrile Rubber (Buna-N/NBR)

Natural Rubber(NR)

Silicone Rubber

Styrene-butadiene Rubber (SBR)

Precision die-cut; Rubber Washers and gaskets. A rubber washer is able to better accommodate difficult spaces and provide an added sealing benefit, allowing you to successfully weather-proof your project. All rubber washers are precision die-cut and are manufactured from elastomeric materials. The exact material that is best for your project needs depends entirely on the type of project, the temperatures the washer will be exposed to and the longevity expected from the device.

Rubber washers can make any project go more smoothly and efficient. The rubber washers can be custom designed and will easily fit with any job and machinery. The rubber washers allow for a clean printing and easy stamping, and can be ordered in various colors. For more information about rubber washers, contact us. 



This automatic injection molding machine is producing the rubber gasket. One day production output up to 40000pcs,  

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